Saturday, 5 May 2012

Exclusive Sneak Peak: Simple Bands Pattern

In this post I'm giving you an exclusive SNEAK PEAK of the new Simple Bands pattern, a revolutionary simplified way to put together a double wedding ring; it hasn't even been released in the US yet!

Pattern made with Simple Curve Tool
This pattern is made using the Simple Curve tool. This tool is designed to make cutting and sewing curves, simple and easy. The Simple Curve is a new product to the market and was released in the States in October last year. This is yet another tool designed by Cheryl Phillips, from Phillips Fiber Art. My friend Cheryl has a nack for taking more challenging techniques and finding ways to simplify them so quilters of all levels can accomplish them. Like all of Phillips Fiber Art's products, the Simple Curve comes with straightforward, easy to use instructions, and two free patterns to get you started.
Simple Curve Tool

First Free Pattern - this can be finished as a table runner, or add more rows to make a quilt.

The tool includes a pattern to make one of these blocks, by adding multiple together you can get this simple but visually effective quilt. 
 AQC was the first place I showcased this tool to the southern hemisphere. I will also have them at the other shows I'm attending this year. And if you just can't wait for me to be in your neck of the woods I'm selling them on my website for $28.00NZD + postage.

The link to my website to find the Simple Curve tool  Click Here

Over the last week I have been playing around with the Simple Bands Pattern, to get some different samples to take to the shows.

This is made just following the instructions for the pattern.

These are going to be covers for European-sized cushions.
I really like the fact that the block can be changed around to give different looks. As you can see from the above picture, playing around with colours and using them in different places, means there are endless possibilities.

I don't currently have any patterns in stock, however I will be bringing some back with me from America at the end of this month. They will be priced at $18.00NZD + postage.

If you would like the pre-order a pattern send me an email at 
*Just remember that you need a Simple Curve tool to use this pattern.

This is the link to my Flickr Account to check out other photos I have Click Here

Lastly, just to give you another idea about what can be done with the Simple Curve.

This is a table runner I made using the Simple Curve for detailing

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