Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Stargello Pattern

A few weeks ago I promised a showcase of the new Stargello Pattern that has been flying off the shelves; at the shows I've been to this year.

The Stargello pattern is made using the Gem Thirty Tool which is a companion tool of the Jewel Box Set.  Phillips Fiber Art have included  a paper template so the Jewel Box is an option rather than a necessity. However I like quick, easy and accurate so would reccomend using the  acrylic Gem 10 Template.

 The Jewel Box tool  set is made up of two pieces, the large piece is called the Gem 10 and the smaller the Gem 5. The Gem Thirty tool is one third of the Gem 10 so you  can sew three pieces together to make the Gem 10. You can create some wonderful effects within that shape.

This is the free pattern that comes with the Gem Thrity tool. Like the Jewel Box, an endless number of effects can be achieved with using different colours and patterned fabrics.

Here is my version. I have squared the quilt off using the Framing paper template .

The Stargello Pattern is one of those quilts that looks very difficult to make but is in actual fact, incredibly easy to construct.

To demonstrate this, below are a series of pictures showing the process of making the quilt. It all starts with a strip set . I have cut most of my pieces already so it looks a little odd  shaped.

The Gem Thirty tool and Stargello pattern are available on my website under Tools & Accessories

Gem Thirty RRP $28.00NZD

Stargello pattern RRP $18.00NZD

If you have any questions regarding the product, feel free to email me at kerry@tulis.co.nz

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