Friday, 28 September 2012

What Happened to the Spring Days

I really enjoyed the Hamilton Craft and Quilt Show especially the Creative Fibre display. I took lots of photos to show you in the very next blog post.

But................................ some scumbag decided to enter our motel room at night and remove my phone along with money from my handbag.

All is not lost . My lovely friend Karen from Bisbane was helping me over the weekend so I re did the pics on her phone, But......................she is away on holiday so it will be the next post before you see the pictures from the show.

You will recall I showed a hint of the new quilts for my talk on Simple Curves. Here they are I do hope you like them.

One tool three diferent uses.

I had the pleasure of Carol from Christchurch staying with me last week and she worked on a number of quilts using the Jewel Box, Junior Gem,Starmaker and the Bargello colour wheel. I just did all the talking and kept her fed and watered.

Two of the local quilting groups came out mid week the Kamo ladies in the morning and the Ngunguru in the afternoon .The helpers (check out the pillows ) and I gave the afternoon ladies a talk on Lickerty splits,Simple Curves and the Mariners Compass, they were a little on the chilled side so what does any quilter do but pass around a quilt or two or to keep warm.

I am currently working on a new website which I am very excited about. I will post the date when it will go live in the next couple of weeks.

This coming weekend the Australian Machine Quilting Conference is on in Adelaide so I will be on another aeroplane to this beautiful city again. I am one of many merchants .This Conference is not only for those who have a long arm machine but for all quilters. Please check out the details here Ricky Tims will be giving a concert at the banquet, having seen him at the Auckland Quilt Symposium I know he will be great.

Till next time Happy stitching.

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