Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Jewel Box Class at Whangarei Quilters Group

Over the weekend I went up north to teach a class at the Whangarei Quilters Group. I have sold the Jewel Box for a number of years now, it has been vey popular at the shows. I created a class which I have taught at a number of quilt groups around Australia and New Zealand.

The Jewel Box is a tool created by Phillips Fiber Art. The tool creates quilts that are not quite like anything else out there. Its popularity is largely due to its simplicity, a quilter of any skill level can create something beautiful and unique. As you'll see in the pictures below; although the pattern is the same for all the quilts, colours and patterns are used to create unique quilts. Fussy cutting can create something else altogether, check out the first quilt below, Sue fussy cut the fabric for the borders.

There are a number of patterns that accompany the Jewel Box tool. The class I taught over the weekend used The Swirl pattern. I'll have a link to my website at the end of this blog, you can see the different patterns available. Also in the last 12 months Phillips Fiber Art have released new sizes for the tool. Check these out on the website too.

The best thing about this tool is creates a quick and easy quilt that can be completed in ONE DAY!!! One of the ladies finished her quilt top during the class and the others finished theirs at home.



Here are the links to my website:

The three tools and various patterns can be found on this page Click Here

This will take you directly to the Jewel Box Tool Click Here

This will take you directly The Swirl pattern Click Here


Lastly just another reminder for those of you in Sydney. The Quilt & Craft Show started today (Wednesday) and finishes on Sunday. Come visit me at Stand E-12.

Here is a link to the show website for more details Click Here


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