Sunday, 3 June 2012

Quilt Market in Kanas City

It's been a few weeks since my last blog, between the show in Brisbane and heading off to the United States there hasn't been much spare time for writing blogs.


This is more of a photo post, to show you all some pictures from my trip.


I had a great time in America with my friends Gary & Cheryl Philips (from Philips Fiber Art). Most of my time was spent in Kanas City, Missouri. It's not exactly a tourist destination but this was the location for Quilt Market this year. For those of you who don't know, Quilt Market is a huge trade show held twice a year. Manufacturers exhibit their latest designs and products to buyers and retailers.

This picture just doesn't show the sheer size of the show, Australian & New Zealand shows are tiny in comparison.

Next are some of the booths that were there.

Check out my pink quilt on the right hand corner, Cheryl is currently writing a pattern for it "Castle Walls".

The quilt on the left hand side is Stargello Pattern using the Gem Thirty Tool

Below are the "promo" girls for Michael Miller Fabrics

Below are some of the people I met

Gary and Denise

Gary Phillips and Denise, from Baltimore, she creates clothing out of quilts

Kay from Serendipity Studios, this is the cutest lady I've ever met, and she had an equally cute husband

Cheryl and Virginia Robertson, Quilter extrodronaire and writer from Colorado

Some of you may be familiar with the X blocks, this is Patricia she created them

Denise, Kathy from North Dakota, Becky from Colorado, Me, Gary & Cheryl


Since Kanas City and Grand Junction aren't really tourist places I've included some pictures of the areas so you can have a look.




Wherever I go away I'm always on the look out for quilting inspiration, and I found some while in America.

This was one of the doors at Tiffany & Co in Kanas City

This was the roof of the convention centre where Quilt Market was held

I had a great time while I was in the US, I have more photos on my Flickr account Click Here

Lastly for all you people who live in Sydney, the Sydney Quilt & Craft Show starts on 13th June. Click Here for more details.


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